May 20 - 21

Teatro Viriato | Viseu [Portugal]


“The true hero is always a hero by mistake; he had the dream of becoming an honest coward like everyone else.” Umberto Eco

We started by choosing super-powers, our suits and new names for super-heroins. We took advantage of our biggest flaws: the invisible woman was the teenager nobody ever noticed and who learned that invisibility could be a super-power. We created our alter-egos and we got back at the times we were told “you are not allowed”, “you can’t do it” and “this is not for you”.

KILLER GIRLS is a Girl Power show, a catsuit party, a time-bomb. The countdown has started… We kill our fears “live”, we fight and run in high heels. We are not going to give up. This time, even if we are told this is not for us, we show you our middle finger, we stick our tongue out and we take it to the end. We are the boss now. Let’s party! KILLER GIRLS is a party and since it’s our party, we cry if we want to!



A show by Teatro Praga

With | Andreia, Catarina, Cristina, Joana, Katie, Lena, Marta, Matilde, Raquel, Sara, Sílvia e Vanessa
Created by | André Godinho, Cláudia Jardim
Vídeo | André Godinho
Set Design | Filipe Carneiro
Production | Cristina Correia
Co-Production | Teatro Viriato