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Place to be defined (Porto)

2020 | 20 000 MINUTES

What is the relationship between lectures on the history of performance, collective processes, identity policies and film sessions, meditation, trips to the gym and sauna? 20,000 MINUTES of f (l)ame!

20,000 MINUTES comes from an invitation from the Municipal Theater of Porto to Teatro Praga for the elaboration of an experimental educational laboratory that aims to share tools for intensification and creation of experiences in the performance field. The program will last for two weeks and will consist of training modules and moments for the development of works done by students. The training module will consist of “infomaniacal” content, under the responsibility of deputy Joacine Katar Moreira, director Pedro Penim, historian Pedro Faro, historian Ana Bigotte Vieira, choreographer João dos Santos Martins or programmer Francisco Frazão, and “haptic” content, which follows the teaching “healthy head in a healthy body”, and which includes the viewing of performances and films, trips to the gym or sauna and voice or meditation classes. During these two weeks, participants must, in parallel, develop works whose construction will be monitored, in a tutoring model, by André e. Teodósio. These works will be presented to the public. Or not! 20,000 MINUTES is a kind of house of secrets without secrets, where information will short-circuit both heads and bodies. 20,000 MINUTES today can change eternity.


Orientation: André e. Teodósio

Guest professors: Joacine Katar Moreira, Pedro Faro, Pedro Penim, Ana Bigotte Vieira, João dos Santos Martins e Francisco Frazão

Production: Teatro Municipal do Porto e Teatro Praga

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Laboratory between 31st August and 15th September 2020 (cancelled, news dates to be announced soon)

Aimed at finalist students of Porto artistic schools: ACE – Escola de Artes; Balleteatro; ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo; ESAP – Escola Superior Artística do Porto


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