July 5 - 9

Rua das Gaivotas 6 | Lisbon [Portugal]


ACCRETION, Teatro Praga’s first cycle of performances, tries to do justice to the artistic and cognitive processes that were fundamental to the group’s development both on an affective scale and on a spatial scale, ecologically and without hierarchies. In ACCRETION, Teatro Praga appropriates performances, delegates their work and pays tributes to figures of the performing arts absent in most historical discourses. The truth of having lived side-by-side and at same time with these performances, the desire to inscribe them in themselves and the desire to reactivate them led Teatro Praga to perform for the first time in its space ruadasgaivotas6, reenacting their “favourite things” and appointing their performances to other artists.

This cycle’s programme consists on 4 reenactments and also NEW PORTUGUESE CONVERSATIONS, an archive-debate (with Mónica Calle, Paula Sá Nogueira, Isabel Carlos, Cristina Peres and Mónica Guerreiro) about important Portuguese creators of the so-called “trapped generation” who contributed to the inscription of new performative languages.


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