2020 | Short introduction to a catalogue without an author

ed.______, a seal which comprises two collections – “Series” and “Sequence” -, results from the collaboration between the Teatro Praga and the publisher Sistema Solar.

The “Series” collection discloses the intangible heritage of contemporary performing arts. “Sequence” collection is organised in thematic books from different disciplines, which offer a reflection on systems of power and protest in the present time.

Under the coordination of Rita Natálio and André e. Teodósio,“Short introduction to a catalog without an author” is the first book in the “Séries” collection, a catalog without an author and prefaced by choreographer Cyriaque Villemaux.

In 2011 the choreographer met, at a dance school, the author of this catalog. The author, who wants to remain anonymous, is interested in sharing a series of choreographic, literary, culinary, social, etc. proposals, sufficiently open to be carried out by others … “or not”. Written in globish English, the book is an unpublished book that contributes to the dissemination, thought and even practice in the performing arts.

A Teatro Praga / Sistema Solar edition (chancela ed .______), 2020

Coordination | André e. Teodósio e Rita Natálio
Design | Horácio Frutuoso

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