2022 | Coisas de Theatro / Loisas de Theatro

With this volume, we re-edit a polemic. As we read it, we become informed, delighted, and laughed at by the artistic “medium” itself. Dissent in the arts has served not only as a positioning strategy but also as a marker for periods and movements. The many quarrels going on today are thus a 2.0 version of a certain past. Life, like performance and history, is a process. With means and ends and, hopefully, also and always with principles. Even if you have to break the dishes to do it.


ed.______, a seal which comprises two collections – “Series” and “Sequence” -, results from the collaboration between the Teatro Praga and the publisher Sistema Solar, with the coordination of  André e. Teodósio and José Maria Vieira Mendes

The “Series” collection discloses the intangible heritage of contemporary performing arts. “Sequence” collection is organised in thematic books from different disciplines, which offer a reflection on systems of power and protest in the present time.

Title | Coisas de Theatro by Sousa Bastos / Loisas de Theatro by Santos Gonçalves

Prelude | Paula Gomes Magalhães

Coordination | José Maria Vieira Mendes e André e. Teodósio

Design | Horácio Frutuoso

Photos | MMJ

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