2022 | Delirar a Anatomia

Delirar a Anatomia is a collection of feverish studies dedicated to one part of the body. Delirar a Anatomia is a collection of dance pieces and a collection of score-poems. The present book compiles five score-poems from this collection, interspersed by the (un)lexicon for A.A. by Joana Levi, artist, performer and scholar sensitive to the body proposed by Antonin Artaud.

ed.______, a seal which comprises two collections – “Series” and “Sequence” -, results from the collaboration between the Teatro Praga and the publisher Sistema Solar, with the coordination of  André e. Teodósio and Rita Natálio.

The “Series” collection discloses the intangible heritage of contemporary performing arts. “Sequence” collection is organised in thematic books from different disciplines, which offer a reflection on systems of power and protest in the present time.


Title |Delirar a Anatomia Partitura-Poemas de Ana Rita Teodoro + (des)léxico para A.A. de Joana Levi

Authors | Ana Rita Teodoro e Joana Levi

Coordination | Rita Natálio e André e. Teodósio

Design | Horácio Frutuoso

Photos | MMJ

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