5 February at 16h

TBA - Teatro do Bairro Alto

2022 | O DESENSINO DA ARTE: Projecto para uma escola ideal

“O DESENSINO DA ARTE” assumes that, as Steven Henry Madoff states, “No school is a school without an idea,” and seeks to present a model of an ideal school. The idea is not new; it derives from revisiting examples of other art schools that have shaped the collective imagination, and trying to think about them. Essentially, it argues that, rather than being defined by a space or by the entity that oversees it, a good art school can exist anywhere as long as certain conditions are met.

“O DESENSINO DA ARTE” is divided into two parts. In the first, the existing art education models are contextualized and an alternative is proposed. In the second, a group of contemporary artists is asked to describe what would be, for them, the ideal school. The conclusion is that the best art school is the one that, having the capacity to serve no purpose, proposes a diffusion of the idea of quality to its students.


ed.______, a seal which comprises two collections – “Series” and “Sequence” -, results from the collaboration between the Teatro Praga and the publisher Sistema Solar, with the coordination of  André e. Teodósio and José Maria Vieira Mendes

The “Series” collection discloses the intangible heritage of contemporary performing arts. “Sequence” collection is organised in thematic books from different disciplines, which offer a reflection on systems of power and protest in the present time.


Title | O DESENSINO DA ARTE: Projecto de uma escola ideal

Authors | Maria Sequeira Mendes, Marta Cordeiro, Marisa F. Falcón

Coordination | José Maria Vieira Mendes e André e. Teodósio

Design | Horácio Frutuoso

Photos | MMJ

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