5 and 6 February

Teatro do Bairro Alto - TBA

2020 | DOING IT

The actor and director Pedro Penim was invited by Francisco Frazão and Lola Arias to develop a lecture / performance for Mis Documentos cycle.

Mis Documentos is a concept idealized by Argentine playwright and director Lola Arias and has a minimal format: an artist on stage with their documents. One way to make visible researches that are sometimes lost in an unnamed folder on the computer.

DOING IT confesses a secret passion that takes the director very far across the sea of ​​the Internet. An innocent and obscure addiction that he never revealed before. In DOING IT, Pedro takes us as spectators into the mind of someone who constantly seeks and makes us think about our own obsessions. What do we do in secret on our computers when no one sees us?


Curator Mis Documents Lola Arias

Conference-Performance Pedro Penim / Teatro Praga

Support for artistic residency Victor Córdon Studios

Photos: Ana Viotti

Coproduction Teatro do Bairro Alto


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