Festival Internacional de Marionetas | Oporto [Portugal]


Stop pulling my lead or I’ll bite your fuckin’ lef off!
in Dog, by Steven Berkoff


If the “return to Nature” was never possible, there is no point in pretending that some times we are in the open air and others we’re not. Let us celebrate then, once more, the land that man tread upon, in the quest of Amazon’s unkind lumbermen, of the merciless icelandic harpooners or the resistant inhabitants of the Low Countries, and let us perform one more mass in the name of Dr. Frankenstein (the new Dyonisos) because “God gives nuts, but he does not break them”.

Let us simulate, in a space halfway between the airport, the station and the stadium, the mythic (because it is extinct) fight between Physis and Anthropos, between Nature and Man.

The actors are chosen. Disaster is inevitable. The target audience just dare show up.



Co-creation | André e. Teodósio, Cláudia Jardim, José Maria Vieira Mendes, Patrícia da Silva and Pedro Penim
Production and communication | FIMP, Pedro Pires and Joana Gusmão
Light design and music | Teatro Praga
Photography | Susana Neves