2010 | PROPS #5

PROPS is the new publication by Teatro Praga. “Props” from theater prop, advertisement or slang to show respect. PROPS has no answers or genders, even less a subject of comfort. It addresses a parallel object, because we felt the need of exploring other ways of recording our work and because ours is a shares and collective identity and because we are hyperbolic and megalopsychic. PROPS is the quarterly publication where we publish small essays, texts or images that we are going through in our creation processes.



This is PROPS º5, the first issue of 2010. This time, PROPS is a set os 12 index cards with random information, or not so random, called THE PRAGA FILES. Made to be held with your hands and not always on the click of one finge. PROPS has been a bag, a disaster magazine, a book of drawings, a poster with a spam insert. Familiarity in this publication can only be obtained in the diversity and surprise of every issue. Props will never be the same.



Design | Barbara Says…

PROPS is a collaboration between Teatro Praga & Miss Dove.