February 26 - March 2

Naves Matadero | Madrid [Spain]


CATECHISM wants to open itself as a moment for thinking, a mixture of doubtful intimacy and intolerant preaching, served by periods of action in the old Greek spirit and artistic jumps. The classes in this course are art full of itself, where we will manage incompatible egos, who are absolutely certain of everything that they violently deny the day after. It’s a prelude of university, inspired by the ignorant master and not by the old wise professor. We will not be together. There is no such thing as sharing a meaning and a generous interactivity. There isn’t even the slightest hope of understanding each other. We are opening a department for comunication with no guarantees. The participants are expected to take the initiative, to read, listen and adore, because without faith you can’t move the sea or conquer the world. The ambition is enormous so that the fall may be more vertiginous.