RESIDENCE | CENTA | Vila Velha de Ródão [Portugal]


Casa do Povo | Perais [Portugal]


October 3 - 27

Teatro Taborda | Lisbon [Portugal]


August 10 - September 1

Casa Conveniente | Lisbon [Portugal]


Casa dos Dias de Água | Lisbon [Portugal]


June 4 and 5

Teatro Viriato | Viseu [Portugal]


For Turgueniev, Um mês no campo (A month in the country), refers to the stay of Belyaev in the Islaev’s property, but for us, Teatro Praga, also meant a month of residence, experimentation and confrontation in CENTA in Vila Velha de Ródão.

The proposal was an unusual spectacle, which differed from day to day, with no markings and which took our passage in a natural environment for a battlefield (the theater).

The work we have done from this classic russian theater of the nineteenth century assumed a relationship with a kind of weird, the countryside, engine of a casuistic experience around successive trips in love.

We supported ourselves in the legacy of the author and reflected on the possibility of void and nihil, and, stretching over the rope, put on stage the “safe value” of the interruption, the exchange between object and subject of art, pleasure and the opposite drive of a text written more than a century ago, that we brought to reality and to sensitive life of the actors and co-creators.

Winner project of the “Decade Theatre 2003”, by Clube Português de Artes e Ideias in the Restitution category.




Text | Ivan Turgueniev
Translation and version | Pedro Penim, from the english translation by Richard Freeborn (A Month in the Country, ed. Oxford University Press, 1991) and France’s Denis Roche, reviewed by Françoise Flamand (Un mois à la campagne, ed. Gallimard, 1995)
Co-creation and cast | André e. Teodósio, Carlos Alves, Cláudia Jardim, Patrícia da Silva, Pedro Penim and Sofia Ferrão
With the collaboration of Cláudia Gaiolas, David Dias, Hugo Sovelas, Ivo Serra, Pedro Martinez and Sandra Simões
Video and light design | Paul Simões
Graphic design | Elsa Guimarães
Production and communication | Pedro Pires
Photography | Sandra Ramos and Sofia Ferrão