2009 | PROPS #2

PROPS is the new publication by Teatro Praga. “Props” from theater prop, advertisement or slang to show respect. PROPS has no answers or genders, even less a subject of comfort. It addresses a parallel object, because we felt the need of exploring other ways of recording our work and because ours is a shares and collective identity and because we are hyperbolic and megalopsychic. PROPS is the quarterly publication where we publish small essays, texts or images that we are going through in our creation processes.



PROPS is Teatro Praga’s publication. This is the second issue, a DEMO special, a performance premiered at Teatro São Luiz in July 2009. For this special PROPS two creators were invited. Two outsiders and two insiders. Kevin Blechdom and Vasco Araújo participated on DEMO’s creation, Gabriel Abrantes and Pedro Lourenço were only given some hints…


Artwork | Pedro Lourenço, Gabriel Abrantes, Vasco Araújo and Kevin Blechdom
Design | Barbara Says… in collaboration with Patrícia Maya