July 13-14

PREMIERE | Mirrors Room, Foz Palace | Lisbon [Portugal]

2018 | 2018

“2018″, a performance by Teatro Praga, reactivates some interrogations as a way to find alternative paths to the complex historiography of the performing arts.


Acknowledging that the presence of choreographers Fokine and Massine, the work of modernist plastic artists, the vitality of the dancer Nijinsky to the orientalising sound of Rimsky-Korsakov or Tchaikovsky unleashed a certain modernity in Portugal, “2018” establishes a formal distance by resourcing to the same artistic strategies from which it tries to distance itself.


Man as the first figure in a ballet, expression and abandonment of the choreographic vocabulary as a norm, the beginning of  a collaborative work, the fusion of popular with elite culture, nationalist interest, the construction of pieces of a single idea and the background painted as iconographic strategy, characteristics that are transversal to the work of the Russian Ballets, also structure the performance. But this time in an unpredictable way.


In “2018”, the background has drops and everything becomes the foreground. And in this unfettered space, the performers both borrow money and receive flowers as they question, whether they give space to sound or objects, either they dance or do the opposite or make room to other unproductive sensory aspects for the pleasure of doing so.


A performance by André e. Teodósio/Teatro Praga

Cast | Ana Tang, Adriano Vicente e Aurora Pinho
Scenography | Jody Paulsen
Sound design | Violet
Head of production | Andreia Carneiro
Production | Alexandra Baião
Support | CPAI, Presidência do Conselho de Ministros – Div. De Relações Públicas e Apoio ao Conselho de Ministros ( Drª Isabel Tadeu)

This performance took place within the exhibition programme “The Ballets Russes: Modernity after Diaghilev”

Organizing institutions | The Lisbon Consortium/Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Museu Nacional do Teatro e da Dança, Fundação Millennium BCP
Comissary | Isabel Capeloa Gil
Scientific comissary | Isabel Capeloa Gil, José Carlos Alvarez, Nuno Crespo, Paulo Campos Pinto
Curated by | Isabel Capeloa Gil, José Carlos Alvarez, Nuno Crespo


Length | 60min