April 6-8

PREMIERE | Centro Cultural de Belém | Lisbon [Portugal]


A Teatro Praga show with
the musical collaboration of Ludovice Ensemble

From William Shakespeare’s and Henry Purcell’s
Timon Of Athens.




“Timon of Athens” is a musical composition of Henry Purcell, dated 1694, written at the invitation of Thomas Shadwell, who adapted the text of Shakespeare and commissioned the young Purcell a “masquerade” (mask). The “masquerade” was a form of entertainment practiced between members of the court and quite in vogue in the XVI and XVII centuries. It involved music, dance, song and representation, with elaborate scenographies and sumptuous costumes. The masqueraders were usually members of the court and sometimes the king himself, accompanied by actors and professional singers.

The English Theater of Restoration, associated with the time of the restoration of the English monarchy in 1660, imports this tradition for a festive and pompous theater. It remains the principle of thinking this genre these days to serve as a motto for the “Timon of Athens” of the Prague Theater.

Under the musical direction of Fernando Miguel Jalôto and his Ludovice Ensemble, together with extensive experience and a strong reference in the performance of the baroque repertoire, “Timon of Athens” will not escape the relations between capital and love, the way gold and sentiment give hands and feed, and how money and art get mixed up.



Creation | Teatro Praga zPedro Zegre Penim, José Maria Vieira Mendes, André e. Teodósio, Claúdia Jardim
Light Design | Daniel Worm D’Assumpção
Sound Design | Miguel Lucas Mendes
Musical Composition | Ludovice Ensemble
                                              Direction | Fernando Miguel Jalôto
                                              Cupid [soprano] | Ana Quintans
                                              Nymph [soprano] | Joana Seara
                                             Dyonisus [baritone] | André Baleiro
                                              Dyonisus Follower I [tenor] | Fernando Guimarães
                                              Dyonisus Follower II [tenor] | André Lacerda
Cast | Joana Barrios, Diogo Bento, Patricia da Silva, Joana Manuel, João Duarte Costa
Scenography | Bruno Bogarim
Costume Design | Joana Barrios
Video | André Godinho
Photography | Alípio Padilha
Scenic Object | Vasco Araújo
Head of Production | Andreia Carneiro
Production | Alexandra Baião