February 13 - 15

Culturgest | Lisboa [Portugal]

2015 | I AM EUROPE

I’m a dog shit ashtray
I’m a shrugging moustache, wearing a Speedo tuxedo
I’m a movie with no plot, written in the backseat of a piss-powered taxi
I’m an imperial armpit, sweating Chianti
I’m a toilet with no seat, flushing tradition down
I’m socialist lingerie, I’m diplomatic techno
I’m gay pastry and racist cappuccino
I’m an army on holiday in a guillotine museum
I’m a painting made of hair on a nudist beach eating McDonald’s
I’m a novel far too long
I’m a sentimental song
I’m a yellow tooth waltzing with wraparound shades on.
Who am I?
I am Europe.
Chilly Gonzales


These shows were not thought of as a trilogy. Only when rehearsals were already under way for the last piece, Tear Gas, did the three shows exchange energy and momentum. I decided to call them, unofficially, I AM EUROPE, the title of a song by Chilly Gonzales that achieves what I am attempting to produce in these performances: to build up and exhibit an identity that lies halfway between a Jewish-Christian cultural legacy and my own biography. This is a recurrent process in the work of Teatro Praga, the tensions between the universal and the domestic or between mystery and reason (George Steiner calls it “the tension between Greeks and Jews”).

Europe and Me: I AM EUROPE is a portrait of an anthropomorphic map at three different speeds.

Pedro Zegre Penim

Tear Gas (2015)
Israel (2011)
Eurovision (2005)