February 18 - March 5

Hospital Miguel Bombarda | Lisbon [Portugal]


In a ring, and in constant turmoil, parade many different questions.


Axes / After Whose stroke the wood rings, / And the echoes!…
“Words,” Sylvia Plath


Sobre a mesa a faca (On the table a knife) is a co-produced show by the companies and Cão Solteiro and Teatro Praga, which features a collaborative effort and a clash of identities and, continuing the recent work of both companies, is a work that is both as an essay both visual/vital, of open reading.

In a ring, and in constant turmoil, parade many different questions: what is public and what is private? What is mine and what is yours? We will fight? Who will survive? Who will have more power? Will someone annihilate anyone? A universe transparent or reflective? What is truth and what is lie? Who are you and who am I? Is it real or invented? They are looking at me or are you looking at you? I am a microbe on the knife? And the table, the world? And I, and me (cue the music)…

Must: There is no table. There is no knife. There is no tendency to set the show according to a simple rule or in a single scene or activity. It’s not about anything. It’s about all. There is only one place where you can talk. Do not talk only to the audience. Do not talk. Speak.

There to be: The characters finally are welcome. There is the trash of the world. There are hands that are raised in favor of attention. There are second skins for protection. There’s a city. There’s the city and its texts. There are artists and their texts. There are talks/interviews. There is individual recognition from a structure of “hostage of the other.” And the city stands. And the city crumbles. There’s the anthem of America. There is money, big money. There is death without blood. There are wounds with blood. There is a dog with fever, barking plagues. There are voices from beyond. There is the here and now. And nothing else.



Co-creation and interpretation | André e. Teodósio, Carlos Alves, Marcello Urgeghe, Paula Sá Nogueira, Pedro Penim and Sofia Ferrão
Supporting drama | Manuela Correia
Costume design | Mariana Sá Nogueira
Set design | Nuno Carinhas
Seamstress | Teresa Louro, Palmira Abranches and Natália Ferreira
Production and communication | Pedro Pires
Co-production | Cão Solteiro
Graphic design | Triplinfinito