September 22 - 27

PREMIERE | Teatro Municipal Maria Matos | Lisbon [Portugal]


February 3 - 5

Festival Le Standard Idéal, MC93 | Bobigny [France]


January 30 - 31

Tmu-na Theatre | Telaviv [Israel]


February 14 - 15

Culturgest | Lisbon [Portugal]

2011 | ISRAEL

Love is always a page written in Hebrew.
Portuguese Proverbs


This performance is a love letter to Israel. Yes, it’s professedly problematic: a declaration of love to an entity many see as a contemporary monster. An actor is seated in front of his computer, his face projected onto a big screen. It is difficult to tell who he is talking to with such intimacy, who is he swearing at, who is making him cry and laugh. Is it the audience? Is he talking to himself? To his lover? Is he exposing is troubled love life in front of our eyes? Israel, a nation in the form of a fiction, takes on a human face, like someone one has to endure. Voltaire wrote that one has to choose between countries where you sweat and countries where you think. In Israel (the country and the performance) you do both.



A performance by Teatro Praga

Text | Pedro Zegre Penim
Creation and interpretation | Pedro Zegre Penim and Catarina Campino
Light design | Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Production | Cristina Correia, Elisabete Fragoso
Photography | José Frade
Co-production | Teatro Maria Matos



Length | 80min