17 - 18 June



15 - 16 July


2022 | The Rite of Spring

A Teatro Praga’s performance with the collaboration of the Metropolitan Orchestra.


Following the Shakespeare/Purcell trilogy presented between 2010 and 2019, Teatro Praga returns to the large-scale stages in partnership with the Metropolitan Symphonic Orchestra to present Stravinsky’s ballet, The Rite of Spring, originally choreographed by Nijinsky. Given that this piece is a milestone in the history of the performing arts, and bearing in mind its symbolic significance, Teatro Praga’s The Rite of Spring carries on the will to bring history to the stage and to understand its echoes today. A celebration of the planet and the place we inhabit, which degenerates into a sacrificial ritual, will serve as guiding principle to reflect upon the inextricable blend of existence, favouring a history of mutual influences. The strength of life, of spring, is also the strength of abandoning and renouncing to all sorts of bodies.´





Teatro Praga | Orquestra Sinfónica Metropolitana (Lisbon) & Percussões da Metropolitana (Oporto)


Stravinsky A Sagração da Primavera 

Pedro Neves Conductor


Co-production | Centro Cultural de Belém and Teatro Municipal do Porto

Teatro Praga is an associated structure of O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor o Novo


Conception | André e. Teodósio, Cláudia Jardim, Diogo Bento & J.M. Vieira Mendes
Musical Direction | Orquestra Sinfónica Metropolitana
Co-Creators and performers | Ana Tang, André “Speedy” Garcia, Cláudia Jardim, David Mesquita, Diogo Bento, Guilherme Leal, Maria João Vaz, Sani Dubois, Sandra Rosado, Tiago Vieira
Movement Support | Vânia Doutel Vaz
Stage Design | Joana Sousa
Costume Design | Joana Barrios
Set and costume design of the 3rd part | Adriana Proganó
Mask | Skull, by Maria João Vaz
Light Design | Daniel Worm D’Assumpção
Sound Design | Miguel Lucas Mendes
Video Design | André Godinho
3D Animation | S4RA
Video Operation and editing | Tatiana Ramos
Camera Operation | Carolina Abreu and Bárbara Valido Mau
Production Director | Marisa F. Falcón
Executive Production | Rita Pessoa
Communication | Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
Promotional Photography | Carlos Pinto
Stage Photography | Alípio Padilha
Support | Fit to Fit, Unfuel Mobility Solutions
Acknowledgements Beatriz Carneiro, Carina Avelar, Catarina Sousa, Filipe Carneiro, Filipe Dominguez, Mata Hari, Mariana Sá Nogueira, Patrícia da Silva, Paula Fonseca, Paulo Almeida, Pedro Faro, Pedro Penim, Ricardo Costa, Rafael dos Santos, Vasco Araújo, Vau, Wagner Borges



Teatro Praga is a structure financed by the Government of Portugal | Direção Geral das Artes



− dur: 1h40min
− age limit: +16