17 — 20 May

Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisboa)

2023 | ÃO

ÃO, a nasal diphthong specific to Portuguese, is a piece featuring choreographer Ana Rita Teodoro, musician João Neves and artist André e. Teodósio, together creating a sonic and sensory experience. Tripping on the sound of a diphthong that doesn’t trip off the tongue for non-native speakers, they intone sounds, words and melodies of original compositions, implicating tongue, lungs, skeleton, objects, images, feelings, and surroundings.


A performance by Teatro Praga
Created by André e. Teodósio com Ana Rita Teodoro and João Neves
Performers Ana Rita Teodoro, André e. Teodósio, Diogo Melo, João Neves
Sound Diogo Melo
Costumes Joana Barrios
Set design Horácio Frutuoso
Light design Joana Mário
Sound design Miguel Lucas Mendes
Communication Afonso Matos
Director of Production Marisa F. Falcón
Production assistant Rita Pessoa
With support from Estúdios Victor Córdon
Acknowledgments Softrock
Coproduced by Teatro do Bairro Alto
Photos by Carlos Pinto and Pedro Jafuno

Length | 1h10min