November 22

PREMIERE | Transforma AC | Torres Vedras [Portugal]


February 1-11

Galeria Zé dos Bois - ZDB | Lisboa [Portugal]


May 2-6

Blue Elephant Theatre | Londres [Reino Unido]


October 19

Trafó – Reaktor | Budapeste [Hungria]


October 25

Gledališče 2B - Kulturni dom Joža Ažmana | Bistrica [Eslovénia]


December 7 and 8

Théâtre Le Vivat | Armentières [França]

O Espaço do Tempo | Montemor-o-Novo [Portugal]


September 26

International Theater Festival “Divadelna Nitra” | Nitra [Slovakia]


October 22

Festival Y – Quarta Parede | Covilhã [Portugal]


October 9

Teatro Municipal Guarda | Guarda [Portugal]


November 10

XIV ACASO Theater Festival | Leiria [Portugal]


November 25

Teatro Municipal Aveirense | Aveiro [Portugal]


May 23

Centro Cultural do Cartaxo | Cartaxo [Portugal]


Beaux messieurs, belles dames: musique au programme / Chanteurs, à vos gammes, que le meilleur gagne / Les frontières sont ouvertes / Que déclarer si ce soir c’est la fête?

Telex, Euro-Vision


Is there such a thing as a European Identity? Can we understand each other if we speak so many different languages? This “two-man show” looks at these questions and instead of answering them, confronts the audience with more questions, in an ironic performance that, in keeping with its subject, is multilingual and uses many elements drawn from different artistic areas. To pin down Europeanness they chose as inspiration the biggest kitsch event of the common cause, the Eurovision Song Contest, where the representatives of different nations with different cultures, languages, ways of life and standards of living join in a parade of uniform tastelessness.


Europe starts with the birth of its ordinary languages and with the reaction, often alarmed, towards the eruption of the mentioned languages, start the critical culture of Europe, provoking the fragmentation drama of languages and starts to reflect about its own destiny of Multilanguage civilization. Suffering the effects of fragmentation, Europe tries to come up with a solution: looks backwards and tries to find again the Adamic language, and looks forward focusing on the construction of a language of reason as perfect as Adam’s language.

Umberto Eco
Searching for the perfect language



Text | Pedro Penim
Creation and Interpretation | Pedro Penim and André e. Teodósio
Light design | Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Production | Pedro Pires, Elizabete Fragoso, Cristina Correia
Inicial version in collaboration with | Rogério Nuno Costa and Martim Pedroso
Co-production | ZDB / Transforma AC
Photography | Ângelo Fernandes, Lab8



Length | 60min