March 5 - 6

"SHHHHHHHOW" PREMIERE | Goethe-Institut | Lisbon [Portugal]


December 13 - 14

"INCUBADORA" PREMIERE | Galeria Quadrum | Lisbon [Portugal]


International cooperation project TABUROPA, endorsed by European Union’s Culture Programme, invited 4 companies from Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Poland to explore the notion of Tabu in national and european cultures throughout 18 months.

During the Research Phase, the portuguese performers worked under choreographer Arco Renz (, Belgium) in Warsaw, while André e. Teodósio (Teatro Praga) directed the performers from german company futur-3 in Brussels. The results of this process were explored through the Rehearsal Phase, in which the four groups prepared their original performances for the absolute premiere at Sommerblut Festival in Cologne in May 2014.

On the Coming Home Phase, Teatro Praga produced the rerun of INCUBADORA, by Arco Renz with the portuguese group, at Galeria Quadrum in Lisbon, in December 2014, and of SHHHHHHHOW, by André e. Teodósio with the performers from futur-3 and guest Paula Sá Nogueira, at Goethe Institut in Lisboa on March 2015, as well as the Follow-up meeting that closed this project.



Participating institutions | Teatro Praga, Kobalt Works, Futur-3, Association of Culture Practitioners
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Director | Agnieszka Blonska (Association of Culture Practitioners)
Cast | Angel Kaba, Marielle Morales, Sayaka Kaiwa, Igor Shyshko (
Research country | Germany



Director | Arco Renz (
Cast | Rita Morais, Nuno Leão, Ricardo Teixeira, Sónia Baptista (Teatro Praga)
Research country | Poland


Director | André Erlen (Futur3)
Cast | Dominika Biernat, Dawid Żakowski, Sean Palmer, Joanna Wichowska (Association of Culture Practitioners)
Research country | Portugal



Director | André Teodosio (Teatro Praga)
Cast | Anja Jazeschann, Bernd Rehse, Tomasso Tessitori, Pietro Micci (Futur3)
Research country | Belgium
Artistic management | André Erlen
Photography | Meyer Originals
Production | Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V.
Project management | Gregor Leschig, Rolf Emmerich
Production management Germany | Armin Leoni, Judith Heese
Production management Poland | Anna Katarzyna Regulska-Lokanga, Joanna Wichowska, Magdalena Sobolewska
Production management Belgium | Ine Vander Elst
Production management Portugal | Elisabete Fragoso