7 and 8 May 2021

CIAJ, Guimarães


What do my hands do during a performance? What stories have my favourite objects? Where do the meanings come from? Where did the past hide and open a new present? INFO MANIAC is a one-man-show in which the human is rethought as a figurative entity. An actor on scene talks about him showing everything as he shows everything but him! As a starting point, a publication full of poems, choreographies and recipes for magic potions, as well as a sort of retrospective glossary of the work of Teatro Praga. Following an alphabetical disorder, André e. Teodósio will activate the content of the publication as if it were a guerrilla manual for modern times. “Chroma face” from Despertar da Primavera, a song to cry from Pedro Penim’s one-man show “Israel”, perform the seaweed from “()”, cohabit with karaoke, sayings and strange dances. An apology for being-in-relationship, INFO MANIAC thinks of everything to build space. And in secret, we will know that we know nothing but that Everything knows everything about us.

a performance by André e. Teodósio / Teatro Praga

Text André e. Teodósio e José Maria Vieira Mendes

Light Design Daniel Worm

Soundscape Miguel Lucas Mendes

Installation Bruno Bogarim

Coproduction: A Oficina / Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Viriato e Centro Cultural de Belém

Photo by Carlos Pinto