August 13

CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém | Lisboa [Portugal]


Volo in te, et in semine tuo Imperium mihi stabilire.
Says Christ to D. Afonso Henriques, according to Priest António Vieira


CCB is inside out and invites me to do a performance. I start to wonder and suddenly I realize that all of us are inside out.
They suggest me: – Wo Es war, soll Ich werden.
So many foreign, so many languages! 😛
The World is not what it is… therefore is worth spending some time on reviewing the subject by playing a spiral-vertiginous-game: “Who is who?”
It’s going to be like returning to the 80’s but with less hair spray.
EGOSISTEMA will be a redefining game of Nature’s laws.



Text and direction | André e. Teodósio
Cast | André e. Teodósio, André Godinho, António Gouveia, Catarina Campino, Cláudia Jardim, Joana Manuel, João Martins, Patrícia Silva, Paula Sá Nogueira, Rita Só and Sara Correia
Set design | Bárbara Falcão Fernandes
Photography | Susana Pomba
Production | Cristina Correia
Co-production | Centro Cultural de Belém