Hospital Miguel Bombarda | Lisbon [Portugal]

2004 | TITLE

Título (Title) provides the public a choice: to pay or not pay. The choice is decisive in defining the role of each in the show: every place you choose, every angle, every movement and every spoken word are subject to an exhaustive stamp of true or false. Fiction and document are located here, in the same dimension.

The show called Título (Title) is a series of “fake parts” who do not intend to “retract” and that inevitably will be lost trying to find meaning in objects that doubt themselves. Questions that come to replace the security by false gods old and new gods explains Arno Gruen*, means a release of “old submissions” with “new authorities.”

Título (Title) intends to give evidence of the truth in a minefield of lies. Want to label projects simultaneously impregnated veracity of articles as false as the Ming jars of 300 stores.

Stepping these anti-personnel mines is as exciting as inappropriate or vain.

It seems that this show called Título (Title), as these tautologies and contradictions, is purely formal, meaningless and says nothing about the world. But it is also considering its status as spectacle essential, as are the tautologies in the field of logic, which states the laws without which thought and discourse are inconsistent.

If the tautological statements like: “My name is name” are necessarily true a priori and the opposite (a contradiction) is a logic preposition necessarily false when applied to three-dimensional theatrical convention they all shuffle and confront this falsity space par excellence, as a rule, is situated at the antipodes of perception and understanding of hyper-realist cinema.


*False Gods, Arno Gruen, Peace Media Publishing Ltd., 1997 Lisbon, translation by Lumir Nahodil.



Co-creation and cast | Carlos Alves, Catarina Campino, Cláudia Jardim, Javier Núñez Gasco, Patricia da Silva and Pedro Penim
Production and communication | Pedro Pires
Photography | Sofia Ferrão and Hélio Mateus
Support | O Espaço do Tempo