March 2- 4

PREMIERE | Centro Cultural de Belém | Lisboa [Portugal]


November 19

Teatro Taborda | Lisboa [Portugal]


Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve | Faro [Portugal]


Recreios da Amadora | Amadora [Portugal]


In 2001 I was invited by Jorge Silva Melo to think of a text and a performance for the event A Table and Two Chairs. I wrote and co-directed a text about the city or the cities. I always though of Lapland as a starting point and a homonymous song by the Finnish singer Monica Aspelund as a way to put my writing into practice.

The result is a series of sketches, that are more or less “lounge”. A cosmopolitan “féerie”, that mixes London, Paris and Rome with long Winters in Crimea or Tirana, Halloween nights at Virginia Beach and fast trips through “Avenida da República” in Lisbon. It is all accompanied by what I consider to be the manifestation of the divine in a city: power cuts.

Since I didn’t have any record by Burt Bacharach at the time, I thought a lot about Tony de Matos and Vodka Martini and I dedicated one of the sketches to both of them. More or less “lounge”. For me and Cláudia it was conditio sine qua non that this had to be a happy performance on a happy city. And that’s what it is.



“Profundo Delay” was reenacted by Ana Tang and Paulo Pascoal in 2017, during ACREÇÃOreenactments cycle of portuguese performances.



Co-creation and cast | Cláudia Jardim and Pedro Penim
Text | Pedro Penim
Executive production | Pedro Pires
Technical responsibility | Paulo Simões
Photography | Sandra Ramos