13 — 22 Dezembro

Teatro São Luiz


12 — 13 Janeiro

Teatro Municipal do Porto

2023 | BRAVO 2023!

After the success of Tropa-Fandanga, Teatro Praga returns to the revista à portuguesa with Bravo 2023! Obliged to follow the principle of permanent updating imposed by traditional revista theatre, in order to be closer to the present, Bravo 2023! makes it its theme. Its tight structure is used to draw an overview of the past year, putting forth a show that is an atlas of the most remarkable events of the year 2023. Performed in the fair theatres of Paris in the early 18th century, the first revista shows consisted of a burlesque and caricatured review of events and figures that had been prominent in the previous twelve months. This is the model that was imported to Portugal. Proving that “it has a soul and it won’t die”, the Teatro Praga’s Bravo 2023! closes the year with a joyful, raucous show to rattle the quietest spirits and stir the audience with a review that leads us sing songs and give life a standing ovation. A show of praise and commendations, of accidents, tragedies, laughter and criticism, that seeks to find the fairer way for troubled times, where pasts and geographies mix. The year is reviewed with a stumbling kick, to the sound of music to lift our spirits and with a text written by several hands, which makes us wish for the impossible, and which speaks of history, of what is near and far. The theatre once again rolls out the red carpet that takes us there. Bravo 2023! is a yearbook at the end of the year where anything can happen.

A show by Teatro Praga
Interpretation and Co-creation: André e. Teodósio, André “Speedy” Garcia, Cláudia Jardim, David Mesquita, Diogo Bento, Guilherme Leal, Jenny Larrue, Joana Barrios, Joana Manuel, J.M. Vieira Mendes, Marina Mota, Sandra Rosado, Simão Telles e Tiago Vieira
Music: Moisés Fernandes (trumpet), João Cabrita (saxophone), Sofia Grácio (piano and synthesizers), Hayden Nóbrega (drums and transverse flute), Bernardo Fesch (bass) e Alex D’Alva Teixeira (voice and guitars)
Set design: João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
Big screens: Adriana Proganó and Eugénia Mussa
CostumesJoana Barrios
Original music: Pedro Mafama
Conductor, orchestration and musical direction: Alex D’Alva
Light Design: Daniel Worm
Sound design: Miguel Lucas Mendes
Costume making: Rosário Balbi, Paulo Julião, Jenny Larrue e Caio Guedes
Photography: Stage photography
Communication and Graphic DesignAfonso de Matos
Production Direction: Marisa F. Falcón
Executive Production: Rita Pessoa
Production Assistance: Beatriz Abelha
Subtitle Operation: Beatriz Carvalho
Sound Technician: Pedro Baptista
Co-production: Teatro Praga, Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli and São Luiz Teatro Municipal
SupportCopitec, El Corte Inglês, Griffe Hairstyle, Infraestruturas de Portugal (Sala do Rei), Lux,  Marcha da Bica, Marcha de São Vicente, N&H Hotels, Studio 8, Teatro Nacional São Carlos
Acknowledgements: Abilio Leitão, Aida Tavares,  Aleksandar Protic, Beatriz Carneiro, Bruno Santos, Carlos Malta, Carlos Roque, Cristina Gomes, Dino Alves, Fernanda Silva, Gonçalo Cerá, Helena Vaz Pereira, Jesse James, João Chaves, João Paulo Soares, Lúcia Azevedo, Lux Frágil, Manuel Tomé Romano, Maria Emanuel Albergaria, Milton Pereira, Mischa, Mitra, Nuno Nunes-Ferreira, Tiago Alexandre, Pedro Escara, Pedro Faro, Pedro Rodrigues, Pisão, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa