June 2, 3, 9 and 10

PREMIERE | Festival Alkantara, Picadeiro do Complexo Museológico da Politécnica | Lisboa [Portugal]


June 8

Festival Chantiers D'Europe, Thèâtre de la Ville | Paris [França]


A “durational” performance.


DISCOTHEATER is a show that starts when the others end.

DISCOTHEATER is a show between History and the Zeitgeist. Between theories and facts. Between art, tradition and authority. Between correct and incorrect art. Between improvisation and skill. Between romantic sacrifice and painful triumph. Between ” Wahn und Witz ” (illusion and presence of mind). Between the dionysian and the apollonian.

The ongoing “discotheatrelization”. An assembly line of images and explosives tears of mastery. A “phantasmagoria” A “discoteatral” non-place populated by teachers who call themselves as such. Everything and everyone waiting for the light. From “Aufklärung” (enlightenment).

These days, the demand of the new stems from a consciousness that has lost its standing before the real, a quixotic drift. An impractical mastery. A desire that does not exist. A thing that doesn’t exist. Therefore, a trigger to further. And if we remember that dry leaves have fallen from a web, that there had been a storm of food on stage, that there were three thousand guests to see an empty gallery, that horses have stormed the scene, that there have been prepared hot meals served by actors-musicians, who have already built a labyrinthine landscape where viewers had to find their way, that there already has been a floor-bed filled with red carnations, what will leave us? Only to continue.

In DISCOTHEATER we feel “like we’re inside a dream. We had a wonderful dream, that we barely dare to think, because we are afraid to see it disappear. That is precisely our mission: to interpret and secure dreams. There will be nothing more than that. Let us tell you our morning dream. And we hope to wake up at the same time.” We want it to be like this.



Co-creation and interpretation | André e. Teodósio, Cláudia Jardim, Diogo Bento, Maria João Machado, Nelson Guerreiro, Patrícia da Silva, Pedro Penim and Vasco Araújo
Light design | Daniel d’Assumpção Worm
Production | Pedro Pires
Photography | Ângelo Fernandes and José Luís Neves
Video | André Godinho
Collaboration | Isabelle Schad
Support | O Espaço do Tempo



Length | 70min