May 3

Escola D. Pedro V | Lisboa [Portugal]


February 25

Pequeno Auditório, Teatro de Vila Real | Vila Real [Portugal]


February 7 - 9

Centro Cultural de Paredes de Coura | Paredes de Coura [Portugal]


February 1 - 3

Centro de Cultura de Campos | Vila Nova de Cerveira [Portugal]


January 27, 28 and 31

Biblioteca Municipal de Valença | Valença [Portugal]


January 19 - 21

Casa Museu de Monção | Monção [Portugal]


December 6 - 10

Espaço Teatro Praga | Lisboa [Portugal]


Performance for teenagers (between 10-15)

What was the First Republic? How many where they? Who was it? During 16 years there were 7 Parliaments, 8 Presidents and 45 Governments.

It’s 1000000 years concentrated in 16. Living. Killing. Dynamite. It’s time for the overly. For the excessive. For speed. Stories after stories.

What if we resume the 16 years that seem like 1000000 in 60 minutes? What if we go beyond the speed of the Republic, of the revolution, the horses, the troops, the wars, the governments e parliaments, the birthdays and party rockets, what if we where faster than everyone and shuffle the order around, stop at the accessory and complicate the story?

We’re going to reject the linearity and make drawings, sketches. We’re going to explain the Republic without explain. We’re going to play ignorant teachers and swap the bomb wires. Nothing more to say, because everything will always stay to be told. Two actors, some props, a board to write on, some pictures to illustrate. Music and motion. We’re going to sweat.



Co-creation | José Maria Vieira Mendes and Pedro Penim
Cast | Joana Barrios and Luís Filipe Silva
Scenography | Bárbara Falcão Fernandes
Production | Catarina Mendes, Cristina Correia, Pedro Morgado
Co-production | Teatro Praga, Comédias do Minho, Centenary of Portuguese Republic
Running Time | 50 minutes