November 21 and 24

Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva | Lisboa [Portugal]


The world is a mess and so are we!

Although undeniable that we all have a sense of identity and are proud of ourselves, it is also true that time and again we leave our comfort zone: no, after all I won’t have chocolate ice-cream; in the end I didn’t get sick after five long hours stuck on traffic, in spite of being dead tired I didn’t sleep a wink. We are many things, we are made of many desires and wishes, we are of many colours, in short: we are peculiar.

But what comforts us in the middle of all the confusion, is knowing we are not alone. Rather we are in quite good company. Because even the charming princes and beautiful princesses have their own problems and quirkiness, the things that stay underneath, that they forget to share with the rest of us. Because they eat, make love, cut classes just like we do, they too have problems in expressing themselves or are as awkward as the rest of us, they too can’t reach the ATM machine, are sick from time to time, take pills, get motion sick in cars, quarrel with their siblings, fight in civil lawsuits, our knights in shining armour, our Cinderellas,  Snow Whites, Little Mermaids, Thumbelinas and Red Riding Hoods have so much to tell, so much more we don’t know.

And that is the reason we need a show about all this. And the show is called… Once Upon a Lie

Following an invitation from the Pavilion of Knowledge in the context of its new exhibition Once Upon a Time… we decided to expose the other side of the characters. To see Alice and all our other fantastic friends on the other side of the mirror, revealing their intimacy.

Once Upon a Lie… will help us replying to those who repeat the usual spiel all the time: everything you say to me is fabulous, but it is just not right. I’ll tell you how it is!



A show from Teatro Praga
Concept | André e. Teodósio, J.M. Vieira Mendes, Pedro Penim
Cast | Cláudia Jardim, Diogo Bento, Diogo Lopes, Patrícia da Silva, Pedro Penim, Joana Barrios
Light design | Daniel Worm d’ Assumpção
Scenography and props | Bárbara Falcão Fernandes
Production | Elisabete Fragoso, Catarina Mendes
Running time | 20 minutes