2022 | Uma coisa não é outra coisa

A theater performance and a play are different because they are two things. At the outset there is no distance between the two arts, any more than there is between citizenship and a painting from the Middle Ages. The description of distances is the fruit of a proposal for a relationship that feeds frustrations and immobilizes identities. The proposal of this book, which thinks about theater and literature, but also works of art and audiences, implies recognizing the other in the encounter and identifying the obvious: I am not you.



ed.______, a seal which comprises two collections – “Series” and “Sequence” -, results from the collaboration between the Teatro Praga and the publisher Sistema Solar, with the coordination of  André e. Teodósio and José Maria Vieira Mendes

The “Series” collection discloses the intangible heritage of contemporary performing arts. “Sequence” collection is organised in thematic books from different disciplines, which offer a reflection on systems of power and protest in the present time.


Title | Uma coisa não é outra coisa

Author | José Maria Vieira Mendes

Coordination | José Maria Vieira Mendes e André e. Teodósio

Design | Horácio Frutuoso

Photos | Mafalda Miranda Jacinto

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