May 28 - June 6

CIFAS | Brussels [Belgium]


Every day we have to face our European legacies. In the streets, when we celebrate our birthday, when we watch the Olympics, when we go to an exhibition, when we fight, when we say words of love… George Steiner once wrote that Europe must learn how to deal with the legacies of Greece and Israel (i.e. the inventions of reason and faith) and that being a European is an attempt to negotiate morally, intellectually and existentially with the ideals and the praxis of the cities of Socrates (Athens) and Isaiah (Jerusalem), with the tension between Hellenes and Jews. Europe is a big house, a place of memory and comfort. But it also holds a history of famine, ethnic cleansing, genocide, torture, wars and epidemics. It’s true we feel protected and warm in our homes, under this common roof. However there’s a shadow hanging over this region. There is a dark side to this sovereignty of memories, this self-definition of Europe as “lieu de mémoire”. Together with the participants we will explore these relations between Athens and Jerusalem, past and present, attempting to create texts, scenes, theory and ideas around our own work and universe, and to create a possibility of a performance where Europe’s nerve (neuron/ νεῦρον) will be fought, discussed and negotiated.