8 May 2021

CCVF, Guimarães


5 October 2020

Teatro Viriato, Viseu


15 & 16 July

Teatro das Figuras, Faro


From the dramatic text DICIONÁRIO, José Maria Vieira Mendes guides a workshop in which the participants read the piece together and discuss it, taking advantage of the conversation to think about the way we read dramatic literature and how we relate to the themes suggested by the text.

DICIONÁRIO, by José Maria Vieira Mendes, intends to reproduce the experience that is not only that of a growing young person, but that lasts for life. It is about the experience of having to deal with opinions about our being, and wanting to give an opinion about the others’ being. Max, the silent protagonist of this play, will meet people who will propose other ways of “entering”, “leaving”, “dancing”, “telling”, “doing” or “living”, as if life was a dictionary and being in it was an attempt to match the definitions. But if the goal is to try to tame and grab Max, the result will be to lose him.



School audience: 13-18 years

General public: Reading groups, amateur theatre groups


(c) Mário Negrão