May 11, 18 & June 2

Rua das Gaivotas 6 | Lisboa [Portugal]


It is relatively common for venues to offer moments of gathering between artists and spectators, creating the right environment for a dialogue between who sees and who creates and makes. Rua das Gaivotas 6 and Teatro Praga’s proposal is a cousin of the first, but it intends to shield the artists from the audience and the other way around, making room for a continuity of the performance, which is not limited to the act of seeing and feeling.

That’s why we invite the viewers to form an “Assisted Direction” for 3 shows, between May 11 and June 2. After attending the shows (May 11 and 18 and June 2), the participants gather in a room and talk, under the guidance of José Maria Vieira Mendes, without secrets and in secrecy.

These posthumous moments allow confessions, exposure of affections, statements of taste, baring in mind that the intended goal would be to contribute to the awareness or the understanding of the choices, the interests, and the wishes of those who watch. The point should be that, during the talk about a performance, one may enrich the speech, thought and reasoning of our interests.



May 11

AURORA NA AREIA | Aurora Pinho 

May 18
ENTREVISTAS | Tiago Cadete

June 2
LUMI | Marko Milić